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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:37 pm 

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1. Respect everyone - This is not difficult or hard.

2. Don't Spam - This goes for forum boards AND CBOX.

3. Meta game or God-mod - Your character should not know any information that he/she has not learned. Play fair and be a good sport.

4. Don't discriminate - Don't discriminate against any ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc. This isn't here to be a hate page. Fake/IC discrimination is allowable, and exists in the world already: your char can hate moogles for example, or even subraces but be sure this isn't just veiled RL discrimination or using RL slurs or equivalents. Walk the latter road carefully. (Updated 12/10/16)

5. No favorites or harassment - No one is above the system, not even admins. Don't harass any players or staff.

6. Death rules - Death is permanent, unless your character is brought back by magical means, and even that is limited. Your character CAN NOT die without your permission. However, quest mods can determine the results of quests, and they are to do so fairly. If you're against your character dying, the mod CAN rp your character narrowly escaping with their life, etc.

7. Forum Rating - The forum is rated R (or Mature) 18+ (or otherwise legal age of your country). Anything goes, but you can not do anything sexual to or with someone's character without their consent first. The site will tolerate a lot, as I am anti-censorship, but Necrophilia in any form will get you banned. (Updated 12/22/15)

8. PC VS NPC - To clarify possible confusion. Doing anything with or to a PC (Player Character), requires the RPer's consent. However you can do anything with or to a NPC without consent of the mod (logically if your character is physically able). Speaking OOC or sending PMs for consent is NOT required, you CAN make an ATTEMPT to do something to a PC IC (In Character), obviously this is asking for consent. However if it is something that may be offensive or disrespectful, it is considerate and suggested you speak with them OOC before hand.
(Updated 2/7/15)

9. UnModded RP - You only need a Mod or Staff member for things that will effect the world state. Such as attacks on caravans, breaking into the Byzu palace, trying to start a rebellion, trying to overthrow a world leader, etc. You are free to RP ordinary citizens and everyday people without permission from staff or mod, and even make/do your own jobs/quests.
(Updated 2/7/15)

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