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 Post subject: Starkheaven, Richard
PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:56 pm 
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Surname, First name: Starkheaven, Richard
Titles: None
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birth: Bardmoon 1
Birthplace: Bredon
Relationship Status: Single

Height: 5ft 8"
Build: 210 Lbs

Faction(s): None
Religion: None
Personality: Richard is as stubborn as they come, once he sets his mind to something he will not let anything or anyone defer him from his chosen path. He also has quite the temper and can often lose his cool at the smallest thing. Sometimes the only thing that stops his temper is actually his stubbornness. However, even though it can often seem otherwise he is a bright lad and has good instincts. Even though easy to anger he is hard to fool and can often come off as aloof or untrusting.

History: There is not much to say about Richard's life. He was born and raised in Bredon as the youngest child and only son of the Starkheaven family. Alongside his mother, father and three older sisters he lived in a cottage in the centre of town with his father's modest but well equipped smithy. However as far as Richard could remember he had never wanted to be a smith but a bounty hunter. One day he had told his father this and his father gave him three conditions, One, he needed to finish his schooling, two, he would need to learn how to make and maintain his own weapons and armour, and the third condition, that when the other two had been met he would have to beat his father in a fight.

So, growing up he spent his days in school, in the smithy learning how to meet the second condition or training himself how to fight. However, no matter what weapon he tried he never was comfortable with them, the only thing he was comfortable using was his fists, namely his left one. This did not surprise his father for he knew something about Richard not even his son knew and that was the power with his left fist. Richard was born on the first day of the Bardmoon however he had been given a vision of a powerful young man destroying all in his was with just his left fist, however at the end an image of anima appeared. His father knew what this had meant that his son's left fist was going to be blessed by Anima, and the moment he woke his wife had gone into labour.

At the age of sixteen he had gained quite the reputation as a fierce fighter being able to beat both any of the other boys his age who were stupid enough to pick a fight and even most the men, outside of some of the guards, of the of Bredon which was why the local tavern had given him a part time job keeping the peace on the week's end. However, he had finally graduated from his schooling and showed his father he could make weapons and armour, crafting his own armoured clothing to help him train his body. However, he has yet to meet the final condition, it was not that Richard feared his father, he loved and respected him. He just wants to make sure all of his affairs are in order as well as making sure this was what he truly wanted. Yes he had dreamed of being a bounty hunter, but he had a good life in Bredon, and he knew he would have to give it all up if he went down this path.


Strength: 4
Speed: 2
Constitution: 4
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0


Level: 3
Health: 140
Stamina: 140
Mana: 100

Arts & Specializations

Black Magic: 0 (Specializations)
White Magic: 0 (Specializations)
Summoning Magic: 0 (Specializations)
Physical Arts: 5 (Unarmed) 5 (Smithinig)
Spiritual Arts: 0 (Specializations)
Weapon Arts: 0 (Specializations)
Special Arts: 0 (Specializations)


Name: Solid Striker
Rank: 5
Type: Passive [Unarmed]
Description: Instead of fancy techniques or over the top attacks Richard stuck to his strengths simple, powerful strikes, so much so that he has learned to hit like an anvil.
Damage & Effects Gains +2 Strength when calculating unarmed fist based attacks.
Cost: 5 SP

Name: Tank
Rank: 5
Type: Passive [Unarmed]
Description: Richard is a tank plain and simple being able to take damage as well as dish it out.
Damage & Effects: Gains +2 Physical Defence.
Cost: 2 SP Per turn

Name: Arching Backhand
Rank: 5
Type: Attack [Unarmed]
Description: Bringing his arm over his shoulder he sends a massive backhanded strike to the side of the opponent’s head but putting in such momentum that he can strike another foe.
Damage & Effects: Deals +5 Physical Damage to 2 foes however the second foe has to be within 75 inches of the first opponent [This is the full reach of Richard's arm] However if striking 2 foes he deals ½ damage.
Cost: 5 SP

 Post subject: Re: Starkheaven, Richard
PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:54 pm 
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Inventory & Equipment
Left Hand:

Right Hand:

- 1 Cobalt ore
- 3 Amber
- 1 Jade





Name: Heavy Reinforced Trench Coat
Rank: 3
Type: Heavy [Shoulders]
Description: It looks like a dusty old ankle length trench coat, but, for the same reason as his arm guards they have been internally reinforced by several inches of solid Iron. If an average person would try to pick it up if they could they might actually get crushed by weight of it.
Defense & Effects: 3 Physical Defence

Name: Iron Padded Armguard
Rank: 3
Type: Heavy [Arms]
Description: Even though they look like regular arm guards they have be internally reinforced by several inches of solid Iron. These arm guards are not only used for protection but to train Richard's body day to day.
Defense & Effects: 3 Physical Defence



Name: Reinforced Leather Boots
Rank: 3
Type: Heavy [Feet]
Description: Like with all of his armour they are ordinary looking items of clothing reinforced by several inches of solid Iron to grant both protection and physical training. In this case they look like a pair of workmen’s boots.
Defense & Effects: 3 Physical Defence



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