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 Post subject: The Unbroken
PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:10 pm 

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Religion Name: The Unbroken

Religion Main Description:

Unbroken religious code states "Destruction is the order of all creation. Only destruction is sacred.". They view dragons as 'Gods of destruction', and they were sent and created specifically for this purpose. They believe that the world is meant to be destroyed every 3 Ages, and that this has always been so. Destruction is meant to bring balance to world and make room in it. Without destruction, there is no progress, only stagnation. Their overall goal as a religion, is to eventually become a dragon, or in their words a 'god of destruction'. They believe this is their sacred mission. They worship a being known as 'Bahamut' as their supreme god, the king of dragons.

Religious Leaders:
1. The Unbroken Master/ or Mistress
2. The Unbroken Lord/Lady

Position Based titles:

Black Magic - Unbroken Sorcerer/Sorceress
White Magic - Unbroken Priest/Priestess
Summoning Magic - Unbroken Summoner
Physical Arts - Unbroken Monk/ Disciple for women
Spiritual Arts - Unbroken Envoy
Weapon Arts - Unbroken Warrior
Machina Arts - Unbroken Tactician

Before a title is earned, followers of Unbroken, are simply called 'Novice' or 'initiates'.

Religious Practices:

Unbroken religious practices consist mainly of increasing one's personal strength, and that of other Unbroken followers. They focus solely on power and strength, so that they can be prepared for the 'breaking' that is to come every 3rd Age. Other traditions include slaying a dragon and claiming its head as a way of saying to the gods 'I am worthy to one day join you', however failure in this act is highly dishonorable. Some other practices include eating of a dragon's flesh and collecting its bones so that they may always play apart of the 'breaking'.


Tier 1:
1k more XP per 3 pages in a thread
Tier 2:
1 more SP per page in a thread, summons cost 25% less, and religion title & position
Tier 3:
Gain Unbroken lord/lady title & position, and access to religion income.
Tier 4:
Gains Dragon's heart unique skill (Shapeshift into a humanoid dragon for 3 turns per thread, gaining 5 effective levels during transformation)
Fire breath - Breathes fire over 30ft, dealing 30 fire damage and igniting targets unable to resist
Flight - Able to wings to fly the user's level x 10 (in yards)
Dragon's skin - passively regenerates 20HP per turn
Tier 5:

(automatically gained summon)
Name: Bahamut
Strength: 20
Speed: 15
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 30
Wisdom: 15
Rank: 50
Type: (Aeon/Dragon, Mountable)
Skills: (Pets and summons can only perform skills equal to its rank, except for summons. Summons can have 3 skills)
Cost: 200MP + 50MP per turn (100MP + 25MP per turn with religion tier 2 bonus)

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